Tanzima Razzak

With over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry, I am a seasoned professional dedicated to driving success and achieving optimal project outcomes. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), I possess a deep understanding of project management methodologies and best practices. Alongside my corporate expertise, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge as an esteemed faculty member at NYU, teaching graduate-level project management classes. I hold both a master’s degree from NYU and a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, which have provided me with a solid educational foundation. As owner of Razztek Solutions, what fuels my drive is a genuine passion for helping businesses and individuals reach their full potential. Whether it’s optimizing processes, implementing strategic initiatives, or nurturing professional growth, I am committed to delivering excellence and unlocking the keys to success for my clients.

Dr. Farid Razzak

As an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in financial services, I bring a unique blend of management and information technology expertise. Holding a Ph.D. in this field, I have dedicated myself to advancing the intersection of business and technology. Alongside my corporate pursuits, I have been fortunate to share my knowledge as an esteemed professor, teaching business and technology classes at renowned institutions, including NYU, Columbia, Rutgers, and Rider. I have also earned a master’s degree from NYU and a bachelor’s degree from the Zicklin School of Business from Baruch College at the City University of New York, solidifying my academic foundation. Actively engaged in academia, I contribute to conferences and industry best practices, constantly seeking to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. My passion lies in empowering businesses and professionals to reach their full potential, drawing upon my extensive experience and insights. Through academic rigor, real-world understanding, and unwavering dedication, I strive to guide others on their path to success.